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Application for working Privilege listing

Why A WPL?

The WDSAA Working Privilege Listing (“WPL”) addresses dogs which may not have FCI / UKC registration due to papers being withheld by the breeder, lost by the owner, or instances where a dog may have been surrendered, abandoned or rescued from a shelter.

The WDSAA respects the many contributions of working unregistered Dutch Shepherds and wishes to recognize and list such dogs as Dutch Shepherds. Dog eligibility is contingent upon review of this application and included materials.


If approved, the scorebook will list the breed of dog as Dutch Shepherd, together with a designation of either WDSAA WPL, UKC, UKC LP


WDSAA will be rolling out a new and comprehensive scorebook FAQ in the very near future. This will encompass the different types of scorebooks that WDSAA can offer for purebred, mixed, and dogs with unknown ancestry.

For those that have no problems with your dog being listed as a mix, please fill out the scorebook application below. 

If you have a dog with an unknown lineage that you would have liked to have applied for the WPL with, please send an email to for details on current options.


Proof of alternate registration NHSB, UKC limited privilege ONLY


Photo review application with 2 photographs: Frontal face view and full body profile.

Permanent identification via tattoo or microchip

Proof of current WDSAA Membership

Existing scorebook if requesting a WDSAA WPL for a dog previously identified as a Mix

Mail in option

Printable Scorebook Application HERE

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