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Our Mission

The Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America (WDSAA) is a breed organization developed to promote and preserve the Dutch Shepherd as intended by its native country of origin, The Netherlands. The WDSAA follows the guidelines and rules set by the FCI.

It is the mission of the WDSAA to preserve the proper working ability and soundness of character and structure of the Dutch Shepherd through the promotion of education, training, seminars, and working trials.

We are members of the World Dutch Shepherd Federation, under the authority of the FCI.  We have been a member of the American Working Dog Federation (AWDF) for several years.  This has provided the WDSAA a community of like-minded people to work with in promoting working dogs of different breeds as well as giving us the support we need as a growing organization for the Dutch Shepherd.

We are proud to announce that AKC is now accepting the Dutch Shepherd in their studbook directory.  It is called AKC FSS which is the foundation stock for the Dutch Shepherd.  To register a Dutch Shepherd, the dog must have a valid FCI pedigree.

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