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The MidAtlantic/Three Mountains Working Dog Club will be hosting a multi breed and open championship in October. The goal is to bring together smaller breed organizations to have a combined championship with more resources and more entries.

This will serve as the 2024 WDSAA National Championship. That is, WDSAA is one of the participating breed organizations.

Any breed can enter and win High in Trial, High in Tracking or Obedience or Protection, High HOT, and Helper's Choice. The High in Breed for each participating breed organization will be that organization's national champion.

There will be vendors on-site and awesome on-line raffle items. We have a sponsor for the tracking flags and competitor bags. We are looking for a sponsor or co-sponsor for the competitor bibs. Please contact me for further sponsorship opportunities.

The event will offer Bh and IGP1 through IGP3. Tracking will be on grass/hay. The competition field is at the Marysville Lions Club outside Harrisburg PA.

We have extremely experienced track layers who have laid tracks at national and international championships. Helpers will be finalized this summer. One judge has already been secured and we are working on a second judge.

Please plan to join us in central Pennsylvania this October!

IGP3 Helpers:
Juan Morales
Demitrius Pettway

IGP1 and IGP2
Tyler Knarr

Hartman Beckmann

Juergen Winkler, Johan Krinjen, and Tela Ficks

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