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Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America

Preserving and Promoting the Working Dutch Shepherd Dog in America


The Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America (WDSAA) is a breed organization developed to promote and preserve the Dutch Shepherd as intended by its native country of origin, The Netherlands. The WDSAA follows the guidelines and rules set by the FCI.

It is the mission of the WDSAA to preserve the proper working ability and soundness of character and structure of the Dutch Shepherd through the promotion of education, training, seminars, and working trials.

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2023 Member Titles

Are you a member that's earned a title or certificate this year? Please send us your information HERE.

Twyst AGCH

Chelsey Conklin and Aerodogs' Breaking Tradition "Twyst" Earning Agility Grand Champion (AGCH) Twyst started her agility career six years ago and is the first Dutch Shepherd to earn this lifetime achievement award which requires 100 Master Jumper, 100 Master Standard, 75 FAST, 75 Time 2 Beat, 50 Premier Jumper and 50 Premier Standard qualifying runs. AGCH MACH5 PACH2 Aerodogs' Breaking Tradition RN PT FDC MXS2 PAD MJG2 PJD MXP5 MXPS MJPB PAX2 MFS TQX MFP TQXP T2B4 CA BCAT RATM CGCA CGCU TKP

Peaky IGP2

Sue Medhurst and Basia v Verheven "Peaky" Earning IGP2

Bane - Emily Bruss

Emily Bruss and Wulfsbane Glorious Defender "Bane" Earning MR3 through USMRA Bane is the highest scoring Dutch Shepherd for USMRA

Friday Fast CAT

Kellie VanNuil and Optimal Intelligence Van Neerland "Friday" Earning AKC Fast CAT Friday ran in Fast Cat today and earned her BCAT title!!!!!! In trial 1 she ran 27.4 mph and trial 2 she ran 27.5 mph!!!!!

Lori and Wendy CGC

Lori Barnhart and Hollandroy Wicked Witch "Wendy" Earning AKC CGC Wendy earned her AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC). It's her and Lori's first AKC title.

Ziel IGP2

Jessi Nerenhausen and Vrijheid's Ziel "Z" Earning IGP2 This was our first ever attempt at our IGP2 and our first ever competing at a regional level. We did very well. Tracking proved a bit difficult for him but we did well in obedience and protection, earning us a 2nd place (70-86-83)! Judging was strict! He was very critical of everyone. (Highest obedience scores of 20 competitors of all levels was a 92 and highest protection was an 88.) Overall very happy with my boy.

Ryko FH1

Kate Heintz and U'Ryker de las Flores "Ryko" Earning FH1 with DVG


Christopher Stiner and Minka Von Der Schafers Weg "Minka". Earning CGC Minka earned her CGC. For a dog that doesn't like to be pet, she held it togather well! Minka has a great temperament. She is stable and trustworthy in every situation I've thrown at her. She has absolutely rock solid nerves, which means everything to me. While she is not considered full bite dog material, for me, this all around beautiful, sensitive, yet gritty girl is a perfect dog.

Ashley and Medic

Ashley Jacobson and Shawshack First Do No Harm "Medic" Earning PSA-PDC Medic and I have been training in PSA for nearly 2 years and were finally ready to trial for our PDC! Now on to the Level 1!

Jason and Mando

Jason-David Fausto and Impact K9 Mandalorian "Mando" Earning IGP1 and High Tracking After getting back from deployment, I had 2 weeks of time off allotted to me and I used that time to train. After being away for nearly 4.5 months, Mando and I were quite rusty but with the support of my mentor/training director (Judge Akin-Otiko), I not only worked my first trial. Mando and I got our IGP1 and he impressed everyone with a 96 in tracking. Just one week before, I was going quit but we were...

Nicole and Yera BH

Nicole Cleary and Yera de Las Flores Earning BH/VT Yera aka Princess Yera earned her BH/VT super proud of my girl and all our hard work.

Nicole and Yera

Nicole Cleary and Yera de Las Flores Barnhunt Championship RATCH Yera got her championship title in Barn Hunt, her Gold title in Crzy8 in barn hunt. She is on her way to her 2nd championship title and RME / rat master excellent title for castes runs. In addition to our IGP work we are excellent in this sport.

Kelley and Tornade

Kelley Lewis and Tornade du Royaume de Geane Earning French Ring Brevet Tornade (right) is on a roll! After earning her BH/VT last month, she went on to earn her Brevet this month. Not bad for only 16 months old!


Kelley Lewis and Copperloch Grip and Grin "Vise" Earning French Ring Brevet Vise continues to amaze me with his versatility and desire to please in everything we do. He earned his Brevet, coming in 2nd place out of 13 entries. As a completely novice handler in French Ring, Vise carried us through the first time on the field and almost made it look like I knew what I was doing! He is now Copperloch Grip and Grin BH, CGC, TKA, RN, GPr2, FR Brevet

Jenny and Fury ELT1

Jenny and Van Kracht's Absolut Fury Earning NACSW ELT1 Fury earned his NACSW ELT1 title in Stayton Oregon 7/22/2023. He is the 6th Dutch Shepherd to earn the title. Fury is now known as : Van Kracht's Absolut Fury BH (x2) , IGP1 (x2) , IGP2 , L2C , BCAT , CGC , L1I , NW3-I , NW3-C , NW3-E , NW3-V , NW3 Elite , TD , TDU , TKN , L1E , CD , ELT1

Jenny and Fury

Jenny Thorp and Van Kracht's Absolut Fury "Fury" Earning AKC CD Fury entered his first AKC Obedience trial hosted by the Emerald Empire Shetland Sheepdog club in Albany Oregon. There were four trials over the two day event , July 15th and 16th. Fury placed 1st in all his novice classes. Completed the requirements to earn the AKC CD title 7/16/2023, and in the last trail of the weekend was High In Trial. Fury is now proudly known as : Van Kracht's (Too titled to fit in the text box :( )


Tara Armstrong and Nyxly Von Der Schafers Weg "Justice" Earning BH/VT


Craig Lewis and Alle Charme Kaiannco "Alle" Earning IGP1 - June 24, 2023 Craig dusted Alle off just a couple of weeks before the trial and pulled off a pass for IGP1, even while tracking off lead with a flock of quail joining the fun!


Kelley Lewis and Tornade du Royaume de Geane Earning BH/VT Tornade is also in training for French Ring.


Craig Perry and Talon du Royaume de Geane Earning BH Talon is also in training for French Ring.


Kelley Lewis and Copperloch Grip and Grin "Vise" Earning GPr2 - June 24, 2023 We had a lot of fun hosting our first IGP trial and we are looking forward to the next one. It was a special moment for Vise, his daughter, Nyxly von der Schafers Weg (aka Justice), owned by Tara Armstrong and Justice's dam, Alle Charme Kaiannco to all take the field in the same trial.

Jessi and Obie

Jessi Nerenhausen and Oberon Van Neerland "Obie" Earning BH It was a hot day and a surprise construction crew next door, and despite the extra challenges he acted like it was just a normal training session. He was amazing. Obie is 2 years old and I am very excited to see where we will go.

Kellie and Friday

Kellie VanNuil and Optimal Intelligence Van Neerland "Friday" Friday and earned her BH-VT title today (6/17/23)!!!!

Jenny and Fury TD

Jenny and Van Kracht's Absolut Fury Earning AKC Tracking Dog TD

Jenny Thorp and Fury

Jenny Thorp and Fury Earning IGP2 Now known as: Van Kracht's Absolut Fury BH (x2) , IGP1 (x2) , IGP2 , L2C , BCAT , CGC , L1I , NW3 Elite , TD , TDU , TKN

Milan Hess and Mettle MR2

Milan Hess and "Mettle" Copperloch Point and Shoot MR2 High Scoring Dutch Shepherd - USMRA National Championship

Kate Heintz and Ryko IGP2

Kate Heintz and "Ryko" U'Ryker de las Flores Earning IGP2

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