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Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America

Preserving and Promoting the Working Dutch Shepherd Dog in America


The Working Dutch Shepherd Association of America (WDSAA) is a breed organization developed to promote and preserve the Dutch Shepherd as intended by its native country of origin, The Netherlands. The WDSAA follows the guidelines and rules set by the FCI.

It is the mission of the WDSAA to preserve the proper working ability and soundness of character and structure of the Dutch Shepherd through the promotion of education, training, seminars, and working trials.

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2024 Member Titles

Are you a member that's earned a title or certificate in 2024? Please send us your information HERE.

Fury ELT2

Jenny Thorp and Van Kracht's Absolut Fury "Fury" Earning NACSW ELT2 Team Fury competed at the NACSW Elite trial at Camp Tadmor in Oregon. He placed 1st in the Container search, 2nd in the Red Cross building search, brought home his ELT2 title and placed 2nd overall out of the 30 teams competing. He's now known as : Van Kracht's Absolut Fury BH (x2), IGP1 (x2), IGP2, L2C, BCAT, CGC, L1I, NW3-I, NW3-C, NW3-E, NW3-V, NW3 Elite, TD, TDU, TKN, CD, ELT1, CGCU, RN, L1V, L2E, ELT2

Medic IGP1

Ashely Jacobson & Shawshack First Do No Harm "Medic" Earning IGP1 Southeast Regional Champion Medic and I entered the 2024 Southeast IGP Regionals Championship as an opportunity to hopefully earn our IGP1 title. We had not anticipated earning any trophies or accolades, but this little dude did everything he was suppose to with all of the power he could muster and brought home the IGP1 Championship! Medic is my little pocket rocket and continues to make me a proud Dutch Shepherd owner everyday!

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