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WDSAA can issue scorebooks in one of three ways:
Mix (non-registered)
Purebred not covered under an AWDF member club


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Dogs with proof of lineage through AKC, FCI, or UKC can apply for a Dutch Shepherd scorebook with WDSAA. 


WDSAA will also accept AKC PAL and UKC PL dogs listed as Dutch Shepherd.


Dogs without registration from AKC, FCI, or UKC. BRN dogs would fall into the category unless an AKC PAL or UKC PL is provided. Purebred dogs covered by an AWDF Breed Member club (Malinois, GSD, etc...) would have to be listed as a mix with WDSAA.


AWDF grants breed clubs the opportunity to issue scorebooks to purebred dogs that do not have representative breed clubs within AWDF. This would include but not limit to breeds like Labradors, Poodles, etc...  

  • What dogs are qualified to compete at National events as a Dutch Shepherd?
    Dogs with AKC FSS, AKC PAL, UKC, UKC PL, or FCI registration as a Dutch Shepherd will have their dog's breed listed as a "Dutch Shepherd" in their scorebook. This will allow them to be eligible for National level breed events with WDSAA and AWDF.
  • What registration is needed for International competitions with a Dutch Shepherd?
    Eligibility for International competition varies based on the individual host. In general, FCI paperwork will work for nearly all international trials. If you are interested in competing Internationally with your Dutch Shepherd, please contact us and we will look into the options for your interested trial.
  • What happened to the Working Privilege Listing, WPL?
    The WPL is currently suspended. The decision was made in lieu of allowing kennel clubs to issue the breed registrations rather than the WDSAA BOD. If you have an unregistered dog and would like it to be listed as a Dutch Shepherd in your scorebook, please look into: AKC PAL and UKC PL
  • I have a BRN dog, what are my options?
    Dogs presented for a scorebook with a BRN number will only be eligible to be listed as a "Mix". Interested parties with may look into the process of an AKC PAL or UKC PL. Select the WPL question of the FAQ for links to both. Please refer to either kennel club for requirements. If having the dog listed as a "Mix" holds no bearing, WDSAA will happily issue dogs with a BRN a Mix scorebook.
  • I have a breed that does not have a breed club with AWDF. Can I get a scorebook with WDSAA?
    Yes! WDSAA can issue scorebooks for purebred dogs that do not have a breed club under AWDF. Some examples of breeds would be Australian Shepherds, Poodles, Labrador Retrievers, etc...
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